Making a difference all year long

Extreme poverty is complex.  Years of drought, followed by seasons of severe flooding, fire, hunger, disease, sickness, and lack of clean drinking water are all reasons why the Every Life Relief Fund exists.  It demonstrates care and offers hope in tangible ways throughout the year with ongoing crisis relief.    

Your donations toward Crisis Relief make the difference  between health and sickness, hope and despair, hunger and well-being, and sometimes even between life and death.  We would like to invite you to partner with us and help make a difference all year long.

The Relief Fund also provides food, clothing, shelter, and basic essentials to many who struggle to survive each day.   Young women and men, children, and the elderly, are all affected when the devastation of extreme poverty rears its ugly head.

​​Each year, this fund provides mosquito nets to villages that house hundreds of families at risk for malaria and other mosquito borne illnesses.  It brings clean drinking water, re-builds homes and provides essential medicine and medical care to men, women, and children.   (And often provides young children with a blanket during rainy season!)

Crisis Relief