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​$35 a month may not provide much here in the way of housing and basic needs, but in places of extreme poverty it's enough to change the course of someone's life.

Before coming to live at Chembe, these children who were either orphaned or exploited in child labor lacked educational opportunity and a safe place to live.  

Teenage girls are in the high risk group of vulnerability 

If not for the safe refuge of Chembe Joyous Children's Home in Malindi they would be susceptible to the sex trade, forced into an arranged marriage, or living on the street.  They now have hope that their lives can be purposeful and thriving.

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Name of Child:
Name of Child:

$35 per month helps provide a child with food, clothing, education, housing, clean drinking water, and a loving environment.

We would like to invite you to become a legacy partner.  You can be a positive and significant chapter in their stories and help them rise above their past and break the cycle of poverty in their life.

The POWER of $35 a month​